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Life Coaching

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Your new story begins with this:

You matter.

Since I was a little girl, I have had a deep longing inside me. A longing to be entirely who I am - not  who I (or the world) thinks I should be. A longing to find my own crooked, untamed, winding path - regardless of how bumpy, dark, off the beaten path, unpopular and dead-end-ish it sometimes felt. A deep aching to be free.

When I first stumbled upon Martha Beck's Wayfinder life coach training program, I knew becoming a life coach was one more step toward becoming my best self.


Last year, I finally took the dive, did the amazing nine month-long training, and I am now a trained Martha Beck Wayfinder life coach. In addition to writing and teaching, I have been forever passionate about encouraging and supporting others as they discover (or rediscover) their own wild longings and wind their way back to their own knowing hearts. 

Whether you are seeking freedom on or off the page (or both), we will work together to clear the noise and clutter that is  blocking your truest voice. There is no need to go looking for your voice. It is, and has always been, tucked inside you.


Through intuitive writing, visualization, questioning old thoughts and stories, and tuning into your own body compass, we will dust off what's in the way. During our time together, we will drop below the level of thought into wise knowing. With great empathy and compassion, I will be here championing you along the way.

Julia is kindness embodied and manifested. She knows what it means to get stuck, to be afraid, to suffer, but she also knows the way out, and gladly offers up that understanding, that magic to anyone who finds themselves lost or frozen. - Jill Salahub
Write Yourself  FREEyourself to write
a path to your truest voice - on & off the page
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Open the book 

A Complimentary 30 Minute Discovering Session


Want to learn more about coaching & whether we are a good fit? Please email me to schedule (absolutely obligation free)



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Turn the page 

Prefer one session at a time?

One session options (one hour).

(Choose 1)

* Dream interpretation

* Guided Visualization

* Letting go of painful thoughts

* One-on-one writing practice session

$100.00 for one 50 minute session


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Write your new story

Ready to dive in?


This package includes eight one hour sessions to dive in, discover & shed what's in the way of you & your very best, most beautiful life.


$700 for eight 50 minute sessions 



                                    Sessions are via Zoom 

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