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On the Other Side of Fear feels like coming home … to the home you always wish you had, to the home you deserve, to the home you’ve been carrying around inside you without ever realizing it was there, accessible and welcoming, the whole time. Read these poems and fall in love with your beautiful, imperfect self; in Julia’s words, ‘slow way down/ get close and closer/ listen like crazy to your life."  J Clement Wall, artist, writer

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Holy Liberation ( An eBook )

These poems are love letters from my heart to yours, little reminders to come back to what matters most.

May this collection of poetry remind you of who you are, who you *really* are, beyond the noise of the world, beyond the noise of your mind, beyond your own OLD, un-serving, limiting, ready-to-be-burned stories and perceived limitations.

She Will Not Be Quiet  (an eBook)  is a collection of poetry that will help quiet the noise of the world and nudge you back to the hush and holy of now. These deep and powerful, yet beautifully accessible poems, inspire readers to be awake and alive and empowered in their lives - to slow down, to notice - to open eyes and ears and heart to the wonders of this wild, beautiful life. 

Other Publications where my work is featured

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I invite you to listen in on this beautiful conversation between Justin Wise and Lizzie Winn about my poem "The Cure for it All." The way these two slowed way down and had a thoughtful conversation about something I wrote honored me deeply. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 

This is a conversation I had the honor of having with psychotherapist  Imi Lo. Imi is the Founder of Eggshell Therapy and Coaching and author of the book Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity, which is available in multiple languages. She specializes in emotional intensity, high sensitivity, giftedness, complex trauma (CPTSD), and personality disorders.

Listen to the Words of Your SoulEggshell Transformations
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"Through some of the poetry of Julia Fehrenbacher, we quiet the distractions and detours of our minds just long enough to hear the holy whispers that speak to each of us" Brian Israel.

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