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Write Yourself Free

An Online Writing Community for Women

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A path to your truest voice—on and off the page

Whether you are an experienced writer, a writer who can't seem to bring yourself to the page, someone who is longing for a safe, nourishing circle of women where you can see and be seen, hear and be heard, and/or you simply want a safe refuge during these turbulent times—this is your doorway.


Consider this community to be a sanctuary for your spirit, quiet away from the noise, a shelter of kindness that helps you grow all the truest things (inside yourself, in your writing, and in your life). 

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"The circle of women around us weave invisible nets

of love that carry us when we're weak

and sing with us when we are strong." SARK

18 years ago, I had the great honor of attending Natalie Goldberg's (author of Writing Down the Bones) writing retreats in Taos, New Mexico, and it changed my life.


Natalie's permission and encouragement to "feel free to write the worst junk in the world," along with my ongoing commitment to writing practice, gives me the courage to show up and write. And to keep writing.


Writing practice is the truest, most healing, and powerful thing I know, and I am deeply passionate about sharing this practice with others. The freedom we access in writing practice trickles out into all areas of our selves and our lives. It's a beautiful, magical thing.

What is Writing Practice?

Writing practice, in just a few words, is about separating the creator and the editor. It's about tossing out the words "good" and "bad," and instead, placing our attention on writing the next true thing. It's about taking off the saddle and allowing ourselves to gallop into that wide open holy field the poet Rumi speaks about, the field beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing. 


During our practice, we set the timer for a designated amount of time (usually 10 minutes) and then let our pens fly...the faster we write, the more able we are to outrun that nasty little critic that likes to hang out in our minds. Allowing our pens to move faster than our monkey mind allows us to access that deeper place inside of us that tells it as it is (not how we think it should  be). 


During live classes, we will alternate between periods of timed writing, reading our writing, and listening deeply while others share their writing, not from a place of judgment or analysis, or trying to be "good," but rather, from a place of deep presence, attention, & acceptance. It is incredibly healing to hear, and be heard, in this deeply present way.

You know when you meet someone for the first time and instantly know you have met someone extraordinary? That’s how it was with Julia. Her passion for writing invites comfort and a creative energy that is truly contagious. Julia’s gentle, non-critical approach to writing encourages trust, compassion, and a forgiving attitude, which she reminds us are also good tools for  living life.

               —Karen Willard

What is included in your monthly subscription?​

  • Two live Write Yourself Free classes each week via Zoom (you can choose to attend one or both classes each week for any of the below price options). All price options include the same subscription features/benefits.                                                                                                      Live classes are held every Tuesday from 4:00—6:00pm (PST) & every                                  Thursday from 9:00—11:00am PST  (ongoing)     

  • Access to all class recordings (minus participant's writing practice readings). 

  • Private platform with all course materials, regular writing inspiration & active forum.

  • A circle of open-hearted women with whom to share, connect, & commune.

  • Occasional guest poets/writers/creators. 


      * You are free to cancel at anytime.

      * Note: No class if class falls on major holiday.

* To insure the utmost intimacy during live classes, it is requested that cameras be turned on.

Ready to write yourself a little closer to free?

Please choose the price that feels best for you. Those who are able to pay more allow me to offer lower payment options and scholarships for others.

  • Write Yourself Free: #1

    Every month
  • Write Yourself Free: #2

    Every month
  • Write Yourself Free: #3

    Every month

"I am deeply grateful for Julia's Write Yourself Free class. It nourished, held, and enlivened my body and soul in many ways. I so appreciate the space Julia offered us all. Writing has been a refuge for me since childhood but since I started sending things out for publication/trying to bring a book into the world, my perfectionist tendencies ramped up. This class was such a balm for me, and I felt so safe in Julia's steady, wise, loving presence…so much allowing to be messy, weird, all over the place. I was also so moved and amazed by the other women in the class. The group reminded me of how connected we humans are and how there is so much love and strength existing in the midst of the crazy world. I’m really grateful for this class and the ways it nudged me to greater freedom." 

           —Claire Coenen

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