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Stop asking: Am I good enough? 

Ask only: Am I showing up with love?

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Signed copies of my newest book "Staying in Love" are now available. Click on book image to get a copy.
Write Yourself Free

Write Yourself Free

An Online Women's Writing Series


"Julia's Write Yourself Free class shows us the way was within us all along. It’s not about good writing, it’s more about seeing. Being. Speaking. And being freed from self criticism and the bondage that the opinions of others can bring to us. It’s the field of spaciousness where we come face to face with life." Leah Griffith

Please click below to learn more about my Write Yourself Free writing series. And be sure to subscribe for my occasional newsletters to be the first to know about upcoming classes.


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You know when you meet someone for the first time and instantly know you have met someone extraordinary? That’s how it was with Julia. Her passion for writing invites comfort and a creative energy that is truly contagious. Julia’s gentle, non-critical approach to writing encourages trust, compassion, and a forgiving attitude, which she reminds us are also good tools for  living life.

               Karen Willard, Writer

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Let's connect! 
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Life is not a straight line, it is a downpour of gifts, please -  hold out your hand

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